Sunday, January 20, 2013

Paper Airplanes

I got a paper airplane book for Christmas. 

This is the paper airplane book.
 I made all of the paper airplanes in these pictures.  Under each picture, I will put the name.

 Space dart flies the best. It is my favorite one.

Sky cruiser





Super Looper

Dive Bomber

Blue Skate


Top Flight

The Edge

Bar Flyer

Friday, January 18, 2013

Digital Camera

I bought a digital camera and it is really cool.  It can videos as well as pictures.  You can make the pictures black and white and you can do a lot of other stuff to the pictures, too.  
This is the very same camera that I bought.


I went to Legoland with my grandparents.  Here are some photos:

This is Katie, Lilly, Grandma, Grandpa and I in the 4D cinema.

I am building my racer in this picture.

Katie, Lilly, and I are racing our cars that we built.

Katie and I are racing our cars that we built on a huge ramp.

I am building my racer with Grandma.

Katie and I are racing our cars on another big ramp.

This is Katie, Grandma, Lilly, and I racing our cars.

This is me building a haunted house with legos in Master Builder Academy.

This is me riding a really cool ride that if you peddle really fast, you'll go really high.

This is me with my racer.

This is me racing my car.

Katie and I are building in a huge tub of legos.

I am building a racer in this photo.


Hi.  I have a lot of pictures to post today.  Here they are:

Here is me opening my night vision goggles.

Here is our Christmas tree.

This is me with my K'Nex Ferris Wheel.

More of me with my night goggles.

I am holding my swiss army knife.

Here is me wearing my night vision goggles.

I got a national park book for quarters.