Friday, September 12, 2014

My 5 lbs 11 oz BASS

IT WAS AWESOME!!! A couple weeks ago I went fishing in a private pond and-well I guess I should tell the whole story. So, we were fishing in this pond and nobody was catching anything or having any bites until.... it came.The huge thing bit strong and hard and I immediately by instinct set the hook. Everybody said "oh look ,Luke's got one."And then almost exactly after that the whole thing jumped out of the water and then everybody all at the same time began throwing different bits of advice at me and I did just what my dad told me to do a couple weeks ago. Keep the rod low and play the fish.It went all around the pond until I was able to get it in. When I finally got it on shore none of us could believe the size of the thing. After we got pictures of it we put it back in the water.

Here are some pictures: